January 2017 Project 365 .....It's been too long....It's good to be back!

Let's me preface this by saying I'm very, very, very, very pregnant right now and even the simplest task of sitting at my desk building a blog story is exhausting...I'm not going to lie! I've been sick almost every day since mid-July and that has taken it's toll on me mentally and physically. I don't feel like myself at all. Creativity sparks are few and far between when all you can think about is trying to feel better. So, I'm pretty proud of myself for staying true to my resolution of doing another 365 Day In The Life of my family and life. It's February 22 and I've not missed a day - hooray! Baby #2 is due anytime now and I can't wait for all sorts of reasons. I figured I needed to get the images from the month of January out in the world before I'm busy doing things like laboring. Enjoy, my friends. xo

Sugar & Spice // Phoenix Baby Shower

Jodi's baby shower couldn't have been any cuter. Her details were perfection. Her guests were lovely. The cake was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. And most importantly, she was a glowing goddess! Chestnut was the perfect backdrop for a beautiful little shower. I just love the pops of yellow everywhere.  Mama's Cold Brew is my favorite local cold brew, so I was so excited that they provided yummy beverages for everyone. Congratulations Jodi! I can't wait for your little girl's arrival...