Marky G // Phoenix Senior Portraits

Marky G - what a great kid. This guy was up for anything as we hopped around Tempe on a particularly cold, quiet morning.  Marky has such a calm, quiet presence about him while being super kind at the same time. This made for such a lovely session. He's sweet as can be and we had fun hanging around the campus of ASU and the ultra-cool Graduate Hotel.  Thanks for being so awesome, Marky! 

Sloane is TWO!

We celebrated our sweet baby girl's second birthday in a big way with a 3-day fun-filled weekend followed by a birthday party the following weekend. We can't seem to stop celebrating our little love! And that's okay because she deserves to be celebrated every second of every day. Here are a few fun photos from our celebrations. Happy Birthday, sweetness! 

23 months is...

Yesterday sweet Sloane became a 23 month old. We are one month away from her 2nd year. Wow. I want to slow the clocks, but at the same time I'm so excited for every new milestone and every new adventure that lay ahead for this amazing little girl. Today, we spent a quiet morning watching airplanes, playing peek-a-boo, examining flowers, twigs, & rocks, and cuddling when loud trucks drove by.