The Beauty & Magic of the Ordinary - What's A Day In The Life Session like?

Don't you ever just want to bottle up a moment in time and keep it forever close to your heart to relive at any time? Well, photographs can kind of do that for you.

I'm compelled to tell stories through my images. If you choose a Day In The Life session with me, your story will be told in a thoughtful, artistic, heartfelt approach. I love details, but I also love the big picture. Your story is happening everyday, right now. Moments come and go in the blink of an eye. Let's savor a few and have fun while doing so. Depending upon which collection you chose, I'll be spending most of the day and possibly evening with you, not directing & choreographing the scene, simply documenting and gathering nuggets of magic.  This is your story to tell. I'll be there to capture your baby's sweet, messy bedhead and sleepy eyes upon waking in the morning. I'll be there to capture that loving, gentle caress of your loved one's hand. I'll be there to capture the sparks and laughter of spending time with the ones you love. We'll make pancakes, we'll go for a bike ride, we'll jump on the bed, sing a song, read a book, or take a swim...whatever makes your heart happy and tells the story of you and your family.