Hello! I'm Heather. I'm the girl behind the lens at Agnes Art & Photo. I'm an artist, a wife, a mama, and the biggest animal lover around. 

I'm a storyteller at heart. I live for a good story; whether it be a movie, a book, a song, or an image. Life is a collection of our stories. Some simple and quiet. Some complicated and loud. But, that's what makes this journey so exciting. My story so far has taken me from the midwest to the southwest to the midwest and back again to the southwest. I moved to Santa Fe by way of St. Louis to study photography at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. My adventures returned me to St. Louis and various other little cities in Illinois until ultimately having my heart stolen by the man who made me a southwest dweller once more. Thus, here I am in sunny Phoenix, Arizona raising our beautiful daughter and planting some meaningful roots. 

Give me a little slice of the countryside filled with lots of animals, my family, good music, and I'll be as happy as a clam. It's the simple things in life that fill my heart with joy. I have a passion to document that joy not only in my own life, but the lives of my clients. I want to create something that when looked back upon, your heart can't help but fill up with so much happiness and love that you can feel it from your head to your toes. Images that take you right back to that moment. You can smell the salty ocean air. You can feel the warmth of a hug. You can hear that addictive, darling laughter of your child. Life is full of moments that we wish could last forever. Photography is the magic that allows a little bit of that wish to come true. 

I strive for truth and honesty in my work. Strip back the veils of uncomfortable poses and forced smiles and allow me to show the honest, lovely, free you. That is beauty. That is life. Those are the moments we will all look back on with full and thankful hearts.

::: tidbits & fun facts :::

I love paper. I collect blank journals and rarely write in them.

I love all things old and vintage.

I love rain, water, the ocean, thunderstorms....but I live in the desert.

Animals are people, too.

I could live off of chips and salsa.

I used to collect bird's nests until my dog ate them all.

Music feeds my soul.

My daughter is named after a character in an 80's film.

I have a paralyzing fear of clowns, heights, and eels. eeeks.

If I weren't a photographer, I would be a marine biologist.

I love Micheal Stipe.

Moscow Mules are delish.

My spirit animal is a manatee.

Left-handed people rule.

I refuse to watch Marley and Me.

I can't burp.

I name all of my cars and my friend's car.

Best car name yet: The Jean Claude Grand Am.

I love old-timey sayings.

Fall is the best season of all.